Who we are

RISE is an initiative to support collaborative industry action at scale, to advance gender equality in global garment, footwear and home textiles supply chains. Our mission is to empower women workers, embed gender equality in business practice and catalyze systems change.

What we do

RISE pursues its mission through three core strategies

Capacity strengthening

Strengthening knowledge and skills for workers and managers

Market transformation

Embedding gender equality in business practice


Influencing industry and public policy

Explore our focus areas

RISE focuses on areas of gender inequality where it can have a positive impact for women garment workers and business.

Financial health

A proven approach with the garment industry and financial sector to improve financial inclusion and resilience for workers, especially women.

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A comprehensive approach for preventing and remediating gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in the garment industry.

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A workplace development program to increase agency and advance the rights of women workers.

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An app-based program which improves digital literacy and provides tools to improve health, financial, relationship and stress management.

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Why join RISE?

A one-stop shop for women’s empowerment and gender equality in global supply chains​

Industry-led and comprehensive solutions to integrate gender equality as a driver for business success​

Women’s voice and workers’ needs integrated at every level​