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About RISE

RISE membership

RISE welcomes brands, buyers, suppliers, and vendors in the apparel, footwear, and home textile industries as members. Member collaboration helps to connect and amplify each members’ activities to promote gender equality throughout the supply chain.

RISE member benefits

Participate in RISE programming in factories

  • RISE Workplace Program Enrollments. Enroll factories and units in RISE programs (added costs apply) with quality assurance and oversight of implementation, local partner vetting and capacity building.
  • Events. Invitations to RISE global and regional events, online and in-person, to hear first about RISE news, insights, and research.
  • Training on Gender Equality in Supply Chains. Half-day online training and orientation session for selected management representatives of suppliers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, and Vietnam.

Collaboration opportunities

  • Opportunities for Collaborative Program Investment and cost-shares with other RISE members.
  • Invitation to RISE Working Groups. Support and develop how RISE drives change in workplaces, industry and policy.
  • Invitation to Gender Equity Network for suppliers based in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and India
  • Invitations to Participate in Grant Funded Activities such as pilot and expansion opportunities at reduced cost.

Access to credible data

  • Data Platform. Access to RISE Impact Portal to track workplace program progress and impact.
  • Annual Report and ESG Reporting Support. Access to annual report and support for company ESG reporting.
  • Open Supply Hub Map. Access to an embedded map of in which factories RISE programs are implemented.

RISE community & support

  • Support from RISE team with global and regional presence.
  • Member portal. Access to member portal and member resources.
  • Support RISE organizational development and ongoing operations.
  • Leverage Partners. Co-ordination to support RISE’s ability to raise funds from grant donors.

Recognition & visibility

  • Designation. Recognition as a RISE member on select materials, including website.
  • Amplified visibility package showcasing RISE partnership and industry leadership on gender equality, for instance case study on website, LinkedIn feature, newsletter mention, panelist invitations to webinar or other.

RISE membership guiding principles

RISE expect all members to commit to:

The RISE mission and principles, a willingness to advocate in partnership for the impact model and policies underlying the RISE mission.

Demonstrate willingness to change operating practices to further impact.

Commit publicly to supporting RISE with company logo and public reporting on partnership progress.

Encourage and incentivize its brands or factories to become RISE members and participate in RISE activities.

Require suppliers/factories to share transparent, complete and timely data, including on improved business outcomes.

Comply with local laws and regulations and respecting worker rights.

Advocate for and enable safe and equitable workplaces.

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RISE members

Alpine Creations
Abercrombie & Fitch
Eileen Fisher
Gap Inc.
Hanna Andersson
Kmart & Target Australia
Marks and Spencer
Ralph Lauren
Tapestry, Inc.
The Warehouse
Victoria's Secret
Williams Sonoma

RISE membership dues

Brand/buyer/retailer members

net revenue* > $US 10 bn

net revenue* > $US 1 bn

net revenue* < $US 1 bn

net revenue* < $US 100 m

Supplier/vendor members

net revenue* > $US 1 bn

net revenue* > $US 500 m

net revenue* < $US 500 m

Non-Company Members


How to sign up

  • Members sign up through signing the RISE membership agreement.
  • Membership is renewable on an annual, calendar year basis.
  • Pro-rated membership is not available.
  • Reduced membership fees may apply during Q4 if combined with membership for following year.

* Net revenue is based on a group's/company's net revenue for the preceding year.

Frequently asked questions

Apparel, footwear, and home textiles. This may change over time, but for now these are the industries that RISE focuses on.

RISE programs are delivered through a growing network of local partners in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. We are constantly evaluating where there is a need for RISE programs, both from the perspective of women workers’ needs as well as how production and supply chains are moving.

RISE was founded by four organizations with more than 15 years’ experience implementing women’s empowerment programs in global supply chains.

CARE is an international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and world hunger by working alongside women and girls. CARE is supporting RISE with technical expertise, fundraising, and partnerships, as well as collaboration activities such as the Gender Equity Network. , in-country and on a global level. In some geographies CARE is directly implementing RISE program activities.

Better Work, an International Labour Organization (ILO) and International Finance Corporation (IFC World Bank) collaboration that promotes decent work and better business in the garment industry, is supporting RISE with technical expertise, fundraising, and partnerships. Better Work’s ‘Worker Rights and Responsibilities’ training module has been integrated into the RISE Foundation Program.

HERproject was a BSR collaborative initiative active between 2007-2022, that supported the empowerment of low-income women working in global supply chains by bringing together global brands, their suppliers, and local NGOs, HERproject programs, activities and team have been fully integrated into RISEinterim legal/fiscal home.

Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E., a Gap Inc. program that provides women and girls in the global apparel industry foundational life skills, technical training, and support, has been fully integrated into RISE Foundations Program and Integrated Model.

Gap Inc. is also a Leaders’ Circle funder.

RISE programs are implemented by a network of local partners. Please see the section on RISE Local Partners.

The RISE Integrated Model is an implementation model where RISE helps members (brands or suppliers) build their capacity to deliver workplace trainings in their own supply chain. RISE supports through training, resources, and materials, practical implementation guidance and advise, access to a monitoring and evaluation framework and platform. Contact the RISE partnerships team for more information.

RISE delivers a holistic approach to building gender-inclusive workplaces and helping them address how gender norms affect their business and women workers’ well-being. This includes training for both women and men workers, management engagement, engaging male co-workers as allies, connecting to local service and product providers, and strengthening management systems. In addition, engaging a range of stakeholders in market transformation and systems strengthening efforts to influence the broader enabling environment.

RISE’s capacity building workplace programs aim to increase women workers’ dignity and equality in the workplace by changing both behavior and systems. The programs expand women workers’ choices and their ability and confidence to pursue their rights and opportunities. The training also engages male managers and co-workers to challenge social norms in the workplace. Program topics range from life skills such as communication and problem solving, general and reproductive health, financial health and security, freedom from sexual harassment and gender-based violence, and women's advancement and leadership.

See the section on How to engage.

Workplace program costs depend on program focus, geography, and size of workplace. Please contact the RISE partnerships team for more information.

Yes, you can!

RISE seeks to include workers’ voices and representation at every level, from governance to project implementation, ensuring that the work responds to women workers' needs and priorities. The RISE Steering oard is multi-stakeholder and includes representatives from brands, suppliers, labor organizations, unions, and women's rights organizations.