An app-based program which improves digital literacy and provides tools to improve health, financial, relationship and stress management.

RISE Digital is an app-based program which provides critical training for female and male workers and managers in global supply chains, including information on health, financial resilience, and tools for building harmonious relationships and handling stress. The program increases workers’ digital and tech literacy, especially among low-income women with low tech skills. RISE Digital enables suppliers to offer valuable worker training on essential topics.

The RISE Digital app was developed with workers in mind—ensuring usability for those with low tech literacy and low literacy levels. Once downloaded on tablets, the app is available offline, which is ideal for workplaces where connectivity is low. The app includes animations to teach core concepts, games to solidify understanding, and pre- and post- quizzes to assess learning.

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Results & impacts

31% increase in men’s awareness on availability of modern family planning product and services in Bangladesh.

39% increase in women when asked if they are tracking monthly expenses in India.

22% increase in women reporting their confidence to meet family’s unexpected future expenses in Vietnam.​

33% increase in women when asked if money decisions should be made jointly in Bangladesh

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Empowered in the workplace and home

Thu works as a packing worker in South Vietnam. Thu, 27, has worked at the factory for over eight years and lives nearby with her husband, her six-year-old son, her three-year-old daughter, and her husband’s parents.