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Thu works as a packing worker in South Vietnam. Thu, 27, has worked at the factory for over eight years and lives nearby with her husband, her six-year-old son, her three-year-old daughter, and her husband’s parents.

Thu uses a digital tablet for the [RISE Digital] training which she says is easy for her and her colleagues to use.

With 70 percent of the factory’s employees being female, Thu said it has been especially relevant for workers to learn more about personal, family, and child care. In the refresher training, participants have an opportunity to meet with a doctor. During the outreach training, co-workers tell her that their questions have now been answered and they are more confident about pre- and post-natal care.

Since the training, Thu is now more confident about using digital financial services. She has made a habit of making transactions online, to make transfers to family and co-workers, pay monthly bills, and pay for groceries.

“The RISE training has helped me be more confident to talk with other people about the things that will be beneficial. It empowers me as a woman at the workplace and at home,” she said.