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Guatemala RISE Project Coordinator 

July 2024 – June 2025 

RISE is looking for a contractor to coordinate RISE programs in Guatemala.  The contractor needs to have experience working with global supply chain (such as garment, agriculture or other sectors) to develop and deliver worker capacity programs that consider the needs of women.  The contractor needs to be based in Guatemala and speak Spanish and English. 

Download the Terms of Reference

RISE is a collaborative effort with the goal of delivering a unified approach to women’s empowerment in global supply chains.  Bringing together the world’s four largest women’s empowerment programs in the global supply chains - BSR’s HERproject, CARE International, Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E. Program and ILO-IFC Better Work, RISE will leverage the combined experience in over 21 countries to achieve transformative change for the millions of women who work within supply chains globally.   

RISE will focus on three interrelated pillars of action to tackle both immediate barriers and medium/long term structural improvements for women workers. These include increased agency, confidence, and communication, increased access to and control over financial products, services and resources, enhancement of the capabilities of unions and industry organizations to serve as gender champions, and implementation of policies at the workplace level, but also regional and national levels that promote gender equality. 

Pillar 1: Capacity Strengthening: Working in factories in key countries, RISE will achieve impact with a network of local civil society partners and organizations working on gender equality to deliver worker capacity building programs.   There are four options available (i) Foundation – a 13 month needs based worker training program (ii) Digital – a 8 month tablet-based learning on health, financial literacy and stress management, (iii) Respect - one year program on gender-based Violence prevention and remediation and (iv) Financial Health – a one year program on financial capability, resilience  and inclusion​.    

Pillar 2: Market Transformation: RISE will work with and encourage leadership from industry actors (brands, buyers, suppliers, and worker representatives) to improve operating practices at all levels in global value chains to support greater gender equality outcomes.   

Pillar 3: Influencing: RISE will leverage the founding partners’ existing relationships and identify opportunities to work in partnership to influence employer/company/factory policies, programs and budgets, as well as government policies that impact workers, in particular women workers, and support the breaking down of harmful social and gender norms.   

The Project Coordinator will form part of the program delivery team within RISE. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for timely and high-quality program delivery and project management, and for local relationship management. 

As part of a highly matrixed team, effective collaboration across other team functions and particularly with in-country teams and local partners will be critical to success. The Project Coordinator will report to the RISE Women’s Advancement Global Lead.  

SCOPE OF WORK The role includes the following specific responsibilities. These may evolve as RISE is established:  

Phase 1: Program adaptation (2024) The Guatemala Project Coordinator is expected to oversee and manage the adaptation of RISE programs in the country, starting with RISE Financial Health and RISE Respect (prevention of gender-based violence and harassment) programs. The program adaptation includes:  

  1. Coordination with technical experts to nurture and adapt the program curriculum (Word and PowerPoint), toolkits, including flipbooks, audio, videos, and other communication materials as per the country context. 
  1. Coordination of translation (English to Spanish) services and any other relevant tasks.  
  1. Mapping of industry stakeholders for the garment sector and setting meetings with them.  
  1. Hiring of local partner(s) for RISE programs implementation in Guatemala. This includes mapping of local NGOs experienced in implementing workplace programs in global supply chains, and identify suitable partner to implement RISE programs in garment sector of Guatemala. It is expected for the coordinator to support the hiring process and support conducting the training of trainers (ToT) sessions for the selected local partners to familiarise them with RISE training methodology and curricula, in partnership with the RISE global team.  

Phase 2: Program delivery and quality oversight (program implementation is expected to start early 2025): 

  • The Guatemala Project Coordinator will play a key role in RISE delivery of workplace programs and grant funded projects in Guatemala.  
  • The coordinator will lead on factory engagement in the country which includes cultivating and maintaining relationships with factory management, to ensure the smooth and timed implementation of the programs.  
  • The coordinator will support the implementing partner(s) in the roll out of the RISE activities by coordinating different RISE programs, including Financial Health, Respect and Digital. 
  • The coordinator will travel frequently to the project sites such as garment factories for meetings, supporting implementing partners, progress monitoring, quality checks and program launch. 
  • The coordinator will track and oversee project activities such as work plans and review of the project reports and ensure the project compliance with RISE practices and standards. 
  • The coordinator is the main contact point for troubleshooting program implementation at the factories. 
  • The coordinator will be building, maintaining, and nurturing strong relationships with external partners such as local RISE partners, brands representatives and workplace management and other key industry stakeholders.  
  • The coordinator will organise a stakeholder engagement event at the end of the program implementation. 
  • The coordinator will ensure constant communication and coordination with the RISE global team to ensure alignment with strategy, consistent learning, and improvement of the program, including sharing insights and best practice with other team members from different countries. 

Phase 3: Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (2024 – 2025): 

  • Working with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning team, the Guatemala Project Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that monitoring and evaluation activities are conducted at the highest level in Guatemala overseeing baseline and endline activities, conducting stakeholder interviews; reviewing monthly progress reports from the local experts, keeping the Impact Portal (RISE monitoring platform) up to date and providing progress reports for individual projects.   
  • They will work with RISE program leads to ensure consistent learning and improvement of the program, including sharing insights and best practices. 

Thematic Knowledge: 

  • The Guatemala Project Coordinator is expected to bring knowledge and experience in the areas of gender equality, women’s economic empowerment, women’s leadership, and advancement, supply chains, gender-based violence and harassment and capacity building.  
  • They will be working closely with technical leads (including program leads and country leads) for RISE Capacity Strengthening programs to ensure program content responds to women workers’ needs and priorities as well as the priorities and gaps of business and is delivered in using global best practice. 
  • They will use their understanding of the program topics combined with their understanding of the local context to contextualize materials whilst adhering to the global approach. 


  • The Guatemala Project Coordinator is expected to collaborate with country and program leads and share learning across a wider team to ensure that activities link up from an impact perspective and have a degree of standardization between them.


Program adaptation: 

  • Ensure quality adaptation of RISE program curricula, toolkits, including flipbooks, audio, video, tech tools, and other communication materials as per Guatemala country context. 
  • Coordinate and ensure quality translation (English to Spanish) of RISE program curricula, presentation decks, toolkits and IEC materials.  
  • Ensure stakeholder mapping of Guatemala garment industry. This includes, mapping of garment suppliers, global brands, industry associations, trade unions, government entities, financial service providers, NGOs and civil society organizations and set up meetings with these stakeholders in June 2024. 
  • Coordinate hiring of local partners for RISE programs implementation in Guatemala. 
  • Support the ToT sessions for the selected local partners to familiarise them with RISE training methodology and curricula. 

Program delivery and quality oversight: 

  • Delivery to expected standard, on time and within budget, of RISE programs in Guatemala. 
  • Visit factories and run a program quality assurance check. 
  • On time review and approval of baseline and endline reports. 
  • Follow up and troubleshoot program implementation in approx. 10 factories (subject to change throughout the course of the year). 
  • Coordinate and lead meetings with local partners, in-country visit of global RISE team. 
  • Participate and support the ToT (Training of Trainers) for local partners on RISE different programs. 
  • Organize meeting among industry stakeholders and global RISE team and coordinate all the logistics arrangement. 

Payment Schedule 

Contractor will submit a monthly invoice. RISE will issue payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The invoice shall include all days/hours worked for the month and what activities were performed. This is expected to be 220 days contract during a year. Payment will be made monthly in accordance with the number of days worked and upon satisfactorily achieved deliverables.  The consultant will be responsible for his/her own taxes and other statutory obligations.   

Contract Terms 

  • The contract is initially for 12 months, with the possibility of an extension for an additional year.  
  • Equipment and Office Space. Consultant will be responsible for his or her own equipment, including laptop, printing, mobile phone, communication costs and other needs. 
  • It is the express intention of BSR that Consultant is an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, joint venture or partner of BSR. Consultant (and its employees, agents and consultants) shall not be entitled to any of the benefits that BSR may make available to its employees, such as group health, life, disability or worker’s compensation insurance, profit-sharing or retirement benefits. 
  • Consultant shall be solely responsible for all tax returns and payments required to be filed with or made to any US or international tax authority with respect to Consultant’s performance of services and receipt of fees under this Agreement. 
  • During the execution of this Contract, BSR will rely on Consultant to act on behalf of project and to represent BSR’s views in meetings with factories, buyers (both BSR members and non-members), and industry associations, as well as in presentations at relevant local events. In those instances, Consultant will represent themself as “Country Manager Guatemala" for RISE. 
  • Consultant may not enter into any agreements or partnerships, and will relay those relationships on to BSR to formalize once there is expressed interest from the other party 
  • For travel outside of Guatemala City, Consultant and BSR must mutually agree before completing the travel. Costs for factory visits within Guatemala will be covered by BSR and should be included in the monthly invoice (with original receipts) at the latest the month after the travel has been conducted. Airfare, if necessary, will be reimbursed at cost and flight travel must be approved in advance by BSR. Receipts for airfare must be submitted along with the monthly invoice for reimbursement. 

Provision of Monitoring, Progress Controls & Payments  

  • The Project Coordinator will work under the direct supervision of the Women’s Advancement Global Lead of RISE.  

Application Process  

  • Interested individuals must submit an application to before 30 June 2024 and reference the job title ‘RISE Guatemala Project Coordinator’ and in the email title and file name.  Application must include:  
  • Cover letter with a summary statement of competencies in relation to the TOR and details of earliest availability, including daily rate;  
  • Curriculum Vitae;  
  • Names and current contacts of 2 referees. 

Confidentiality Statement and Intellectual Property Rights  

All data and information received from BSR for this assignment are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in relation to the execution of these Terms of Reference.  

All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to RISE, as part of BSR. The contents of written materials obtained and used in this assignment may not be disclosed to any third parties without the expressed advance written authorization of RISE.  

Only suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview. 

Hiring a contractor or organization to review and adapt Financial Health training materials to Guatemala country context.
July 2024 – September 2024


RISE - Reimagining Industry to Support Equality - is an initiative to support collaborative industry action at scale to advance gender equality in global garment, footwear, and home furnishings supply chains. RISE brings together the four largest women’s empowerment programs in the apparel industry – from BSR’s HERproject, Gap Inc. P.A.C.E, CARE International, and ILO’s Better Work—to build from proven approaches, scale impact and improve efficiency.  

Download the full terms of reference

RISE Transform Financial Health is RISE’s comprehensive approach for increasing financial inclusion and improving financial resilience for women and men workers in the garment industry. It builds on legacy programs from HERproject. The program includes:  

  • Capacity strengthening – Through workplace program interventions, RISE supports workers, especially women, to access, use and benefit from financial products and services, including payroll accounts, and build their financial capability to improve their financial health and resilience.   RISE also provides advice for managers as they transition from cash to digital payroll, and scale this across the workforce, in a way that considers the needs of women workers.  
  • Market transformation – RISE works with global buyers, suppliers and financial service providers to expand financial inclusion through making the business case for gender responsive wage digitization that increases efficiency and transparency in global supply chains and develops a new active market segment for financial service providers.  
  • Influencing – RISE collaborates with key stakeholders to address systemic barriers to support the scale of financial inclusion and improve financial resilience for women and men working in global supply chains ensuring women workers’ voices are heard.  

RISE works with the garment sector, financial service providers and civil society organisations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Vietnam and Egypt, to deepen and scale financial inclusion, including through digital payroll, that leads to improved financial health for women and men workers.  This includes sharing insights and learning across markets to strengthen program outcomes and impact for women workers. 


Transform Financial Health in Guatemala 

RISE is expanding the Financial Health program to Guatemala in 2024. As part of the setup, RISE is looking for a contractor or organisation to support the adaption and translation of RISE Financial Health materials for Guatemala. This will involve adaption and translation of six RISE Financial Health modules (introduction to financial services, using digital financial services, financial planning, budgeting, saving & borrowing, talking about finances with your family) and accompanying set of six posters.   These modules have been developed and used in several markets, including Bangladesh, Vietnam and Egypt, and only need to be adapted for the Guatemalan context.   RISE will also provide suggestions for adaptions based on a needs assessment and previous experience in Guatemala.     

Scope of Work

RISE is currently seeking for a contractor or organization with strong knowledge and experience in the areas of gender equality and financial inclusion to review and adapt Financial Health materials to Guatemala country context and translate all the materials from English to Spanish. The tasks include: 

  • Review of existing RISE Financial Health Curricula in English (Total 112 pages) and adapt these as per gender/social norms and country context . RISE will share learnings from previous RISE programs in the country and the research findings to help the contractor adapt the materials. RISE expects the contractor to familiarize with the findings and learnings and incorporate them in the training materials. The RISE Financial Health curricula include the following six modules. A sample module is shared in Annexure. 


Title of the module 

Content (for review and adaption) 


Introduction to Financial Services 

Introduces women and men workers to the benefits of digital banking and how to access and use their digital payroll accounts. 


Using Digital Financial Services 

Delivers guidance on Financial Products and Services. Equips women and men workers with practical information on financial products and services, such as sending remittances, savings accounts and understanding fees. 


Financial Planning  

Introduces the concept of financial planning and encourages participants to start thinking about their own financial dreams. 



Focuses on why budgeting is important, and how to make a budget. Tracking income and expenses is a first step to budgeting, which is explained in detail. 


Saving & borrowing 

Introduces the concept of savings as a way to achieving participants’ financial goals and supports workers to make decisions around borrowing products. 


Talking about finances with family 

Covers the importance of discussing finances with family members and how decisions made by other family members will affect someone’s ability to budget, save, and borrow responsibly. 

  • Review and suggest necessary copy changes to the contents (not design) of six Posters as per Guatemala ecosystem.   
  • Mapping of other relevant Financial Health programs in the country/region and identify materials from those programs that can be incorporated in RISE curricula.  
  • Provide translation services (English to Spanish) of these curricula and posters mentioned above, and do a quality check, ensuring the language and concepts used in Spanish correspond to the program objectives.  





  1. Six RISE Financial Health Training Modules Adapted for Guatemala and translated into Spanish. 

By end of August 2024 

  1. Six Financial Health Posters translated into Spanish and adapted for Guatemala 

By end of September 2024 

Timeline and Budget

The work will commence in July and will continue until September 2024. The Contractor or organization will submit a timeline, including the number of days required, and detailed budget as part of the proposal.  

Expected Competencies 

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the areas of gender equality, women’s economic empowerment, supply chains, financial health and capacity building , preferably in garment sector or related industries of Guatemala. 
  • Demonstrated experience in adaptation of training modules, communication materials, producing reports and documents. 
  • Strong knowledge and experience in the areas of financial inclusion, gender equality, women’s economic empowerment.  
  • Strong analytical and writing skills.  
  • Strong project management skills, including timely and clear communication and managing project expectations, and working under tight timelines.  
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish. 
  • Ability to work closely with RISE global and national technical teams. 


The fees will be agreed in advance and payment will be made upon satisfactory completion of the deliverables. The organization will be responsible for its own taxes and other statutory obligations.  



  • The contractor or organization will be responsible for his or her own equipment, including laptop, printing, mobile phone, communication costs and other needs. 
  • The contractor or organization shall be solely responsible for all tax returns and payments required to be filed with or made to any US or international tax authority with respect to the contractor or organization performance of services and receipt of fees under this Agreement. 

Provision of Monitoring, Progress Controls & Payments  

  • The contractor or organization will work under the direct supervision of the Women’s Advancement Global Lead of RISE. The contractor is expected to work in coordinator with RISE Guatemala Project Coordinator.  

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

The contractor or organization is expected to maintain the confidentiality of all programs related information. All reports, data and other materials generated by the organization will be property of BSR.  

Submission of Proposal 

Please send the outline proposal, timeline, and budget to Laura Macias  by 30 June 2024