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Basma, is a 28-year-old garment worker living in Port Said with her husband, Mohammed, and their three children. Basma has worked in a cutting department for 10 years and was promoted to supervisor in 2021. Her husband has a small business buying and selling clothes.

“I am paid into an account, and I can use the ATM myself, and I’m comfortable using my [debit card] in the supermarket. I have downloaded the banking app and I use it to check my balance.”

Previously Basma had opened a bank account to save money but had not understood the fees for paper statements, and so when she checked her account some time later her balance of 400 EP (US$13) had gone.

Basma is a peer educator in the RISE Transform Financial Health program. After learning how to create a financial plan and distinguish between her needs and wants, Basma has created a monthly budget and is managing her expenses better, but she finds it hard to save.

“Everything has become more expensive, and now the baby has arrived, I am not able to save, although sometimes I do use the gamayet. I never leave any money on my card at the end of the month. If I need extra money, I borrow from my friends.

"I liked sharing with the others. They asked a lot of questions and I could help them. I have also shared with my family and neighbors, too.”