Financial Health


Financial Health resources

RISE has developed a series of financial health materials, including posters, videos, audio messages, and tech learning tools for managers and workers, available in a range of languages, including Bangla, Khmer, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Download RISE Financial Health Posters

Download RISE Financial Health Posters Image

A set of six posters that provides information about financial services and financial management. The posters follow RISE Transform Financial Health curriculum, and can be used during training, or directly by factories.  

Explore the RISE Financial Health audios, videos and animations

Workers participating in RISE Financial Health receive guidance and information on financial services and how to improve their own financial well-being through a series of engaging videos and animations. Developed with Quizrr, the content is part of the RISE Financial Health Tech Learning Tools for workers and available in multipe languages.

In addition, RISE developed informative audio messages about financial services and money management. Participating factories can play them on the public address (PA) system.

Access these resources on the RISE YouTube channel.

Discover RISE Digital Wages Toolkit for Factory Managers

Discover RISE Digital Wages Toolkit for Factory Managers Image

RISE and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth have developed a technology learning tool to support garment factories to plan and deliver the transition from cash to digital wages. Available in English, Bangla, Khmer, Simplified Chinese, and Arabic.