SMART saving towards building a house Banner Image

Linh works in Quality Assurance in South Vietnam, and was a peer educator for the RISE Financial Health program. Linh, 31, has worked at the factory for eight years and lives with her parents, brother, and sister.

“I really enjoyed participating in the training organized by RISE because it helps us to gain new knowledge and learn many skills, especially when we live in the countryside and lack opportunities to learn soft skills like the young in the cities,” Linh said. “Since the day I joined the project, I know how to use Zalo Pay (a type of e-wallet) to transfer money, pay electricity and water bills, etc., that helped me save a lot of time. I like the topic, ‘Managing your money,’ most because it helped me to plan my future finance.”

Linh now practices SMART saving goals and has already saved half the amount needed toward her goal to build a house. “Before the training I just tracked income and expenses, but now I have a plan of how I can manage money, and I prioritize my family’s needs, not just my own,” she said.

Following her participation in RISE Transform Financial Health training, Linh has improved her presentation and communication skills, which increased her confidence, and has now been assigned to communicate directly with the brand customers.

“I feel really proud being a peer educator. When I go back to the production line, I get recognized and have greater confidence improving not only my life but other people’s,” she said.