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Fatma is 26 years old, and single. She has worked at the factory for eight years in the packing department.

“I am paid my wages into an account []. I was nervous at first, but now I prefer to be paid into an account as it helps me to manage my money better. I spend less when I don’t have cash in my pocket, and I only cash out what I need.

“I find it difficult to save so I have joined a gamayet (savings group) to encourage me to save 1,500EP (US$48) each month. Before, I was spending a lot on shopping and clothes. I am now saving for my marriage. I want to save 30,000 EP (US$969) to buy things for my married home [household goods, furniture, etc.].

“I make my own decisions on how I spend my wages.

“The training has been very helpful, especially the saving module. I have shared with others, but they are telling me they are struggling to manage due to inflation.”